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Trade suppliers (pages 106-108)

Abbey Saddlery & Crafts Ltd. (Fittings & Tools):- Abbey House, Haig Road, Parkgate Industrial Estate, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 8DX, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1565 650343. Fax: +44 (0) 1565 633825. E-mail: info@abbeysaddlery.co.uk. Contact: Richard Brown. A reliable company giving excellent service. Gerald Brown founded Abbey Saddlery in 1982 and still works alongside staff at the business today, which comprises largely of family members. Abbey England, as it has now been renamed, is situated in Knutsford, Cheshire, and further premises which house the foundry are located in Walsall, the heart of the British saddlery industry. Saddlery and leathergoods fittings, thread, plus tools and sundries, adhesive, webbing and textiles, etc. Their baseline activity has always been the Harness,  Saddlery, Rug-making and associated equestrian trades in which they are Britain's leading wholesale supplier.

a few of the Abbey fitments

Working closely with industry manufacturers, Abbey England is able to meet the demand for traditional tools including: knives for cutting leather, races to cut grooves, smashers to smooth stuffed areas of saddles that wrinkle, awls for marking and stabbing out holes in the leather, needles, hole punchers, hammers and trimming tools.

Well known for their extensive range of bits, Abbey England offer a top quality selection of riding and driving bits which are made of high quality metal and quality checked individually – something which is a rare occurrence across the globe today. Offering retailers more than 350 horse bit designs has placed Abbey England at the forefront of the bit sector.
(See also ‘Tanners and leather suppliers’ Here). Website Abbey Saddlery

J T Batchelors Ltd:- 9-10 Culford Mews, Balls Pond Road, Islington, London N1 4DZ, UK. Tel: +44 171 254 2962, 020 7254 2962, 020 7254 8521. E-mail: info@jtbatchelor.co.uk and for the Little Workshop (8a Culford Mews) E-mail: lwslondon@gmail.com. Opening hours Monday - Friday 10.00am - 6.00pm. A reliable company supplying a wide range of leather. They stock leather skins that are sold by weight. They are also used to dealing with re-enactors and sell leather in all shapes and sizes, also buckles, rivets, punches, dyes etc.

inside view of workshop

entrance to workshop

They hold a vast amount of leather in stock, plus all the tools, dyes and findings that you could wish for (almost). As far as I know they stock Russet leather for tooling and they do hold most others tannages and hides. My experience is that they are much more knowledgeable about certain types of leather working than others. Phone them first, and be very clear about what the leather will be used for.  They're easy to get to by tube then bus. Nearest Station: Dalston Kingsland. (For directions look Here). Website J T Bachelors Ltd (See also 'Tanners and leather suppliers' Here.)

Bowstock Ltd. (Fittings and Tools):- The Barton, North Tawton, Devon EX20 2BB, UK. Tel; 01837 82077. Fax; 01837 82077.  E-mail: info@bowstock.co.uk. They supply tools and fittings to the Leathergoods industries, also, starter kits for the novice that includes an instruction book. Stitching equipment and threads, finishing tools and supplies, other tools and supplies, rivets, eyelets and studs, starter and stitching kits, books, buckles and fittings (sizes relate to the width of strap that the buckle can accommodate). Leather knives and shears, thonging and cords. All lace is cut from the reel, so your orders will be delivered in single lengths whenever possible. Leather dyes and finishes. Well worth a visit (see also ‘Tanners and leather suppliers' Here). Website http://www.bowstock.co.uk

Braintan.com:- 10398 Takilma Road, Cave Junction, OR 97523 Tel: (541) 592-3693. E-mail: backcountry@braintan.com. Contact: Matt Richards. There is something for everybody here. Tools and tanning extracts, dyes and tannins for those that process their own skins. They stock over 50 Patterns for clothing, sports equipment, hats, belts, holsters, bags, moccasins, chaps, etc. These lists are not exhaustive there are over 240 pages to browse.  (See also ‘Leather Suppliers’ Here). Website http://www.braintan.com

Matt Richards

Clpw Leather Co. (Fittings and Tools):- Memphis, USA. Tools, fittings, sundries etc. The Leather Factory Inc. (AMEX:TLF) announced that Tandy Leather Co., a subsidiary, has acquired The Leather Shop, an existing leathercraft store in Memphis, Tenn., and its website www.ShopForLeather.com. Catalogue available. Website http://www.shopforleather.com

Corium Solutions Ltd:- 20 Alexandra Road, Stoneygate, Leicester LE2 2BB, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0)116 270 1354. Fax: +44 (0)116 270 3367. Email: info@coriumsolutions.com. Corium provide their clients with cost effective, creative and innovative ways to purchase, utilise and explore the full potential of leather. They also facilitate, and quality manage, leathercare and finishing solutions for some of the best known brands in the world. They bring global solutions to your doorstep and are able to provide you with a complete leather care solution, giving you access to an extensive range of finishing and leather care products which have been developed, tested and approved on site. Their business is evolving and responds to changes in the market. Through seamless development and by building quality into design, they are working on new leather care, leather cleaner and leather repair products while also formulating and supplying an extensive range of finishing products for synthetic materials such as PU, TPU and PVC soles, vinyl car interiors and car hoods. Website http://www.coriumsolutions.com/

Coates Barbour Threads Ltd. (Thread):- Newton Mearns, Glasgow and 472 Thurmaston Blvd, Leicester LLEA 9LN. UK. Tel: (44) 1162-460-120. Fax: (44) 1162-460-470. Contact: Tony Foran. E-mail: tony.foran@coats.com. A major supplier of threads to our industries as well as the clothing industry. An old established and reliable company.

Gary’s Custom Saddlery & Silver. (Fittings and Buckles):- 1272 Valle Vista Drive, Fullerton, CA 92831, USA. Tel: 1-714-526-6122. E-mail: garys1@gateway.net. The company has been in business for 35 years. They supply Heirloom quality sterling silver belt buckles and buckle sets (comprised of a buckle, fixed loop and point tip). A gold set is also available. (Note: These fittings and in particular a selection of various styles, are difficult to obtain in the UK). Money clips and bracelets are also available as well as award belt buckles made to your specification.Website http://www.garyscustomsaddleryandsilver.com/

Joseph Gleave & Son Ltd:- 995 Chester Road, Stretford, Manchester M32 0NB, Tel: 0161 865 6025. Fax: 0161 865 0879. E-mail: info@gleave.co.uk. This Company is a leading industrial supplies specialist that can offer you a diverse product range, available nationwide. Whether you need tools, consumables, safety and hygiene products or site equipment, they provide the goods and services to meet your specific requirements. They are renowned for quality and technical expertise; with over 170 years experience within industry. Their qualified team understand industrial supply requirements and pro-actively support customers by providing a tailored range of products and services. Website http://www.gleave.co.uk/index.htm

J Hewit & Sons Ltd. (Fittings, Tools and Sundries):- Unit 28, Park Royal Metro Centre, Britannia Way, London NW10 7PR, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 20-8965-5377. Fax: +44 (0) 20-8453-0414. E-mail: sales@hewit.com. This company is a welcome addition to this section as they provide a source of components previously missing. Supplies available: Adhesives (PVA), boards, bindery equipment and machinery, bookbinding and gold blocking tools, hand-made paper, machine-made end papers, marble papers, sewing materials, thread, gold leaf and gold foil, etc. (The boards for reinforcements and lining papers plus another source of PVA are very useful). A price list and product fact sheet are available for download from the site. (See also 'Tanners and leather suppliers' Here). Website http://www.hewit.com

Hought Fine Art & Leather. (Associated Site):- P.O. Box. 2115, McKinleyville, CA 95519. Tel: 707-839-1164 / 1-800-839-1164. Fax: 1-707-839-1871. E-mail: hought@humboldt1.com. Contact: Gail Hought. Supplying tools, equipment, leather treatment and Kits for projects (suitable for beginners). All that is required to prepare and finish strips for the artistic art of braiding. (Of special interest for those purchasing Gail's Books). (See also 'Tanners and leather suppliers' Here). Website http://www.hought.com

India Mart. (Machinery, Thread Fittings):- They list supplies of leather fittings, threads, machinery and accessories. Website http://www.indiamart.com

www.Italian-Fashion.It.:- E-mail: leatherstocklot@yahoo.it. This Company offers tools, fittings and machinery for the leather industry. Fittings are in bulk lots and include bag and case fittings, zips and thread. There is a wide and varied choice available. The pictures of the fittings are large, clear, and give a good indication of what is available. The machinery varies from sewing machines, skiving machines, cutters, splitters etc. These pictures are small but can be enlarged by clicking on them. No prices, you must contact them for a quote. Again ideal for trainees and students. (See also 'Tanners and leather suppliers' Here). Website Italian Fashion

The Jelling Dragon. (Buckles):- P.O. Box 75, Marshland St. James, Wisbech, PE14 8UD, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1945-430266. Or +44 (0) 7714-088132. E-mail: admin@jelldragon.com. Contact: Robert Taylor. An interesting site, they supply sets of belt fittings (Buckle, Loop and Point). All decorated with authentic Viking, Celtic and Norman designs. Website http://www.jelldragon.com/eshop


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leather shapes leather shapes