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Trade suppliers - continued

Talas. Teflon Bone Folders:- 146 Halstead Street, Rochester, NY 14610, USA. Tel: 1-585-482-7870. Fax: 1-585-482-7870. E-mail: sales@bonefolder.com. Contact: Earl Vroman. Marketing Director. This company manufactures and supplies Teflon bone folders for the bookbinding and leathergoods industries. There are two standard sizes, large and small. They are stronger and more substantial than the bone folders normally available as well as being easier to keep free of adhesives. ("We have 25 years experience in designing customised non-stick applications. We provide distributors and wholesalers with a standardised bone folder which is made of PTFE. Our customer base ranges from bone folder wholesalers to direct customers, who may need non-standard bone folder or other non-stick applications. Our experience and ability to leverage existing manufacturing facilities allows us to provide a great product at a competitive price.") Earl Vroman is also the Marketing Director of Fluoro Film Inc, they provide Teflon powder and Ceramic coatings, Talas professional archival conservation and restoration supplies, having done so since 1962. Website http://www.bonefolder.com. Also Talas.

Talas. Bookbinding & Conservation Supplies:- 330 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA. Open Monday through Friday: 9am-5:30pm. Tel: 212-219-0770. Fax: 212-219-0735. E-mail: info@talasonline.com. Contact: Earl Vroman. This division of the company supplies everything required by the bookbinding industry, the conservationist and the hobbyist. Their list of supplies is too long to be included here, but here is a brief summary: tools, machinery, adhesives, fabrics, boards, papers, leather, vellum, parchment, gold-blocking foil etc. An on-line catalogue is available in PDF format. Website Talas.

Tandy Leather Factory:- Manager: Roy Fisher, Unit 2 Crofton Oak, North Portway Close, Round Spinney Industrial Estate, Northampton NN3 8RQ. Tel: 01604 647910. Fax: 01604-647951. Toll free Tel: 0800-085-6765 (UK only). E-mail: northampton@tandyleather.com. Store hours: Monday through Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Saturday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Tandy Leather Factory Inc says that its new store in Northampton, UK will operate under the name Tandy Leather Factory serving both wholesale customers as well as the general public. John McNiven, President of the Company's Canadian operation, will be managing the store. He has more than 40 year's experience in the leathercraft industry. Website Tandy UK.

Tandy (Fittings & Tools):- 5882E, Berry Street, Ft Worth TX 76119, USA. Tel: 1-888-890-1611. Fax: 1-817-451-5254. E-mail: tlc@tandyleather.com. They have an extensive selection of tools and fittings (also a wide selection of carving tools). Tool kits, beginners kits & much more. (See also ‘Tanners and leather suppliers’ Here). Website Tandy USA.

Tippmann Industrial Products:- 3518 Adams Center Road, Ft Wayne, IN 46806, USA. Tel: Toll Free: 866-286-8046; 260-441-9603. Fax: 260-441-8264.  E-mail: sales@tippmannindustrial.com. They have been manufacturing precision leather crafting equipment since 1991. Such as: The Tippmann "Boss" leather hand-stitcher which sews through leather, up to ¾" thick. It will also sew nylon, canvas, urethane, plastic, sheepskin etc. Also the Embosser, a hand powered leather embossing creasing/cutting machine that has been designed to achieve precision quality embossing, creasing and cutting of leather. Then there is the Clicker 700, an air powered die cutting machine delivering 7 tons of cutting pressure, and the Clicker 1500 with 15 tons of cutting pressure, both requiring only the touch of a button. Accessories and parts are available. Tippmann Industrial Sewing Machines are known for their reliability. However, if you ever need assistance, their staff is on hand to help you with any problems that may arise. (See also Here) Website Tippmann.

Tool Manufacturer. C S Osborne & Co:- 125 Jersey Street, Harrison, NJ 07029, USA. E-mail: cso@csosborne.com. This company, established in 1826, is a leading producer of high quality tools for all leather industries: shoes, leathergoods, saddlery, upholstery etc. (For all UK purchasers contact H Webber & Sons Ltd. See their entry below on this list).

H Webber & Sons Ltd. (Tools):- Bridge House, Station Road, Gomshall, Surrey GU5 9NP, UK. Tel: 01483-202963. Fax: 01483-203223. E-mail: info@hwebber.co.uk. Contact: J Webber. Managing Director. One of the leading suppliers of craft tools in the UK. They will send you an excellent and well presented Catalogue on request, that is fully illustrated, with information on all tools and fittings. (There are also diagrams explaining the use of some of the tools). This company can be recommended to all beginners. Website Webber.

West Bro's Saddlery:- 5536 State Highway 7 W Centre, TX 75935, USA. Tel/Fax: (936) 598-2627. E-mail: saddles@myrealbox.com. Contact Tommy R West. Email: sand@ktsmet.com A Family run saddlery company that make their own saddle fittings and also offer a range of very high quality sets of belt fittings made from silver. There is also a selection of the popular large square-peg type belt fittings.

Danny West at Work Bench Troy West at Engraving Table

They are decorated with intricate and attractive designs which are well illustrated by pictures on the site. The pictures can be enlarged. These buckles are not cheap, but if you want the finest quality, then look no further. Website West Bros Saddlery.

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leather shapes leather shapes