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Make your own guitar strap

1. Guitar Strap Pattern
This is but one of many different ways of making a guitar strap. Basically it's not much different than making a belt to hold up your trousers (Here). Cut out a strip for the main shoulder strap that is a 24" x 3" rectangle. Round off the ends of the shoulder strap with a semicircular cut. Cut the 1" by ¼" slots (four on each end). Start 1" from the ends, and space them 1" apart. If you are using a circular leather punch, the slots are created by punching two holes, spaced an inch apart, then cutting out the material between them with a clicker knife, and can achieve the same effect using a rotary punch to create the holes. On the other hand you can save yourself time and effort by using a 1" oblong punch.

clicker knife

 round punch

oblong punch

rotary punch

clicker knife round punch oblong punch rotary punch

guitar ssstrap paattern

2. Slotted strap ends
Cut out two blanks for the connector straps 24" x 2" long. At one end of each strap, cut out a slot 1" by ¼", precisely a ¼" from the end. Make a diagonal cut from each edge toward the middle, starting 2" from the end and stopping ½" from the centre of the strap. Cut off ½" strips from both of the long edges of the strap, starting from the end opposite the slot, and stopping at the end of the diagonal cut.

slotted strap ends

3. Connector strap ends
At the ends of the connector straps that are opposite from the slotted ends, cut out or punch a ¼" circular hole, ³/8" from the end. Add a thin cut from the inward side of the circle ³/8" long. (This slot allows for the hole to slip over the guitar's strap button.)

connector straap ends

4. Threading connector straps
Before doing anything else all the cut edges have to be bevelled and properly finished by burnishing them. Also, any carving or stamping has to be accomplished at this stage. After that the straps have to be dyed in whatever colour you've chosen. When all that has been done then you can proceed with the following.


using the edge beveller

edge beveller edge beveller in use

Thread the connector strap through the slot nearest the end of the main shoulder strap. Repeat the process to attach the other connector strap at the opposite end of the main shoulder strap. (Adjustments to the strap length for the size of the guitar or the person playing it can be easily made by moving the connector straps inward or outward to loop through different pairs of slots.)

 threading the connector straps

5. Attaching top connector straps
Thread the narrow end of one connector strap underneath the guitar strings above the nut of the guitar (the nut is the slotted piece at the top of the neck beneath the tuning pegs). Pull the connector strap through and pass behind the neck of the guitar, forming a loop around the neck long enough to reach completely around the neck. Cut a tie strip that is 12" long by ³/8" wide from the extra material trimmed off the connector strips. Fold the tie strip in half, and thread the looped end through the circular hole at the end of the connector strap. Thread the loose ends through the loop of the tie strip. To fasten the connector strap, wind each of the loose ends around the connector strap and tie securely behind the strap. Cut to size.

attaching top connector strap

Place the opposite connector straps circular button-hole over the strap button at the base of the guitar. Slip the strap over your shoulder and behind your back, and you're all set to start playing.


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