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Scottish Companies

Clyde Leather Company:- Broadlie Works, Neilston, Glasgow G78 3AB. Tel: 0141-881-4558. Fax: 0141-881-0522. E-mail, We are a young company, in terms of age of the Industry, with huge enthusiasm for developing and improving their quality of leather. We are the only suede tannery in Scotland. Raw material used splits sourced locally for quality. The Company has been producing fine suedes and pigmented splits since the 1950s. Specialising in high quality split leathers they offer the following: Leathers and suedes for belts, shoes, fancy goods, keyfobs, highland dress, slippers, dance shoes, orthopaedic leathers, leathergoods, industrial leathers. We supply leather for colleges, universities, schools and scouting groups. With over 100 embossing plates they have a design that matches most leathers, including exotic animal prints. They have no minimum order. You can order either a single bend (6-9sq feet) or a whole butt (16-22sq feet). With thicknesses from 0.9mm to a massive 3.5mm.

After many years working mainly in the Leeds area, Walter Bevan Harris, a qualified leather technician and leather chemist, with the help of a group of employees, chose to start his own business in 1955. He rented premises in Leeds Road, Otley (a building which had been trading as a tannery) and Bevan Harris Ltd was created. In the early 1960s both his sons, Ian and Roger Harris, joined the company and shortly after, with lease difficulties, a new site was needed. The present site at Broadlie Works, Neilston was acquired in 1963. The premises, formerly a bleach mill dating back to 1792, had been converted to a split leather tannery in 1947 (The Clyde Leather Co Ltd), partly due to the ready supply of soft water for dyeing and tanning. This enterprise, now known as the Clyde Leather Company, grew rapidly, notwithstanding the premature death of Walter Bevan Harris in August 1967, leaving Ian and Roger to manage the business. Website Clyde Leather Company

W. J. & W. Lang Limited:- 1 Seedhill, Paisley, Renfrewshire PA1 1JL, Scotland. Tel: +44 (0) 141 889 3134, Fax: +44 (0) 141 889 3182. E-mail: The tradition of producing Fine Scottish Leather in our locality has been established over many centuries. W. J. & W. Lang were established in 1872 when two brothers, James and William Lang, who owned a leather harness shop in Paisley's High Street, purchased the tannery from the Whitehead family. They themselves had been taught the leather business from their father, Bailie James Lang.

interior of factory

Tanning has taken place on this site since the Monks of Paisley Abbey practised the art, for making their sandal leather in 1400. Today, with Glasgow only 7 miles away, and the national motorway system with Glasgow International Airport only 2 miles off, Lang are in a better position than ever to provide the world with fine Scottish leather. Today, at W. J. & W. Lang Ltd. we combine the experience built up by generations of craftsmen, with the latest technology and control to produce Wet Blue, Wet White, Blue Splits, Lime Splits.

Located near Glasgow in Scotland. The company operates its own timely delivery service, and ensures regular visits are made to customers by sales and technical personnel, as well as local agents. In addition, the company has a dedicated workforce, many of whom have a recognised qualification in leather technology, who make a major contribution to maintaining the highest technical standards of processing. Website

Lee Valley Saddlery:- Unit 6 Langlee Workshops, Marigold Drive, Galashiels, Selkirkshire TD1 2LP. Tel: 01896 750004. E-mail:  Philip and Karen Howard have been running Lee Valley Saddlery for almost 20 years. They are based in Galashiels in the heart of the Scottish Borders, an area with a long association with horses and riding. Their Borders base gives them easy access to Central and Northern Scotland as well as Northern England. Philip and Karen often travel vast distances to meet their horse clients (and their humans!). We are manufacturers of bespoke saddlery hand made in the Scottish Borders.

Lee Valley Saddlery

They are a small family run business and, as qualified Master Saddlers and members of the Society of Master Saddlers, you can be assured of the highest quality of workmanship and materials together with a close personal attention to your needs and that of your horse. All items can be made in the traditional format or to your specification. Philip is a fully Qualified Master Saddler and Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter and has also trained to fit the Flair air bag system. Karen is a Qualified Saddler and SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter. Website Lee Valley Saddlery

Saddlery Training Scotland:- Saddlery Training Scotland, Unit 6 Langlee Workshops, Marigold Drive, Galashiels, Scottish Borders, TD1 2LP. Tel: 01896 750004. E-mail: As the only saddlery training school in Scotland, they aim to provide comprehensive training for people from all walks of life regardless of experience or ability, from complete beginner to experienced saddler or leather worker. The Tutors, Philip and Karen Howard have been running Lee Valley Saddlery in the Scottish Borders for many years supplying a bespoke service to all of their customers including made to measure saddles, bridles and driving harness.

Scottish saddlery training


If you already run your own business and want to widen your skills, Saddlery Training Scotland can provide training up to and including City & Guilds standard. Those students wishing to prepare for City & Guilds exams can be catered for. Philip is a fully Qualified Master Saddler and Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter and has also trained to fit the Flair air bag system. Karen is a Qualified Saddler and SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter. Website Saddlery Training Scotland. See also Lee Valley Saddlery above.




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leather shapes leather shapes